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July 16th – 22nd


Your Bank, Decentralized.

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You may love the decentralization for your crypto investments, but would you want your general banking to also be decentralized? Binance, the world’s favorite altcoin exchange, would say yes. They are taking a 5% stake in backing the world’s first decentralized bank in Malta. This would be the first “decentralized and community owned bank.” Owned not by a corporation but by the token holders. We’re sure they have FDIC insurance… Not. 

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Local Events

Events that matter this week



2-day conference in all things Blockchain related to the humanities, arts, tech, and science

Network with founders, investors, and developers while learning about dApps



Join crypto experts to get a pulse on the latest in ICOs, regulations, investment trends

Network with professionals and a skilled group of leaders on blockchain

Join IBM’s selected experts examine Application Modernization



10am, San Mateo: Draper U Pitch Day 2018

40+ pitches from Draper U’s entrepreneurs in blockchain, entertainment, medtech, AI, and more

6pm, Stanford: Blockchain in Clean Energy (Free)

Panel and networking session related to blockchain applications in the clean energy space

6:30pm, SF: Cold Storage (Free)

Experts will walk you through cold and hot storage options for storing crypto-assets

6:30pm, SF: Bitcoin Happy Hour (Free)

Monthly crypto-related happy hour in SF

Designed for devs with 2 years of OOP experience and desire becoming a Blockchain Developer



5pm, Sunnyvale: Blockchain Summer Cocktails (Free)

Network with investors while learning about decentralized systems for financial service providers

Learn how and why institutional investors are investing in the blockchain space

6pm, SF: Crossing the Crypto Chasm (Free)

Panel on barriers of the decentralized economy and blockchain firms solving real-world issues

Panel on dev tools, decentralization & technical debt: a deves view into network architecture

Network and learn from two blockchain startup investors

Explore current and upcoming use-cases of Blockchain in the real world



5:30pm, SF: Decentralized Fridays (Every Friday at Thee Parkside) (Free)

Join Jackson Palmer, Founder of Dogecoin, for his weekly happy hour (try the Kombucha on tap!)​



10am, Sunnyvale: Silicon Valley’s Start-Up Challenge (Free)

8-Hour challenge to build a prototype in blockchain, SaaS, mobile, etc.

Learn more about Solidity, practice writing smart contracts, and audit each other’s work

Featured Conferences

As it did in SF in mid-March, Token Fest is continuing its goal of becoming the largest moving crypto conference with its next event in Boston! Check out some of their stats for the event so far:

  • 4000+ Attendees
  • 200+ Speakers
  • 200+ Exhibitors

Malta Blockchain Summit – Nov. 1-2
25% off with promo code: 25MBSDCTMT748884

As has become evident during the first quarter of 2018, Malta is taking the lead as the blockchain hub and has become known as ‘Blockchain Island’ across social media, following the relocation decision of Binance and OKEx, the two largest crypto exchanges.

  • 4000+ attendees
  • 100+ speakers 
  • 150+ sponsors and exhibitors

Featured Article

Robinhood vs. Coinbase

Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash HODLers received some big news this week: Robinhood, the favorite investing app for millenials, announced on Thursday that they are now supporting Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash purchases. As expected, both coins had a (relatively) small boost in their price as the ability to purchase these coins was unlocked to Robinhood’s millions of users. Robinhood, with their free stock and crypto transactions, sought to gather some of the cold hard cash generated in this space and take some market share away from the high transaction fees charged by the 800-pound-crypto-exchange-gorilla in the room, Coinbase.

What, Me Worry?

Is Robinhood causing fear at Coinbase HQ? While we at the Key are not psychologists, we did see that less than 24 hours after the Robinhood announcement, Coinbase dropped a blog post announcing they are considering offering five new coins on their platform, namely, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumens, 0X and Zcash. We’re sure there’s no correlation at all here. 😉


This is huge news all around, as Coinbase has historically kept their wheelhouse and trades to just a few coins; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Should Coinbase be filled with fear from new competitors such as Robinhood, without their large fees? Are we witnessing the disruption of Coinbase by a traditional exchange? Will Coinbase be the next in their priceJust as LTC and BCH mooned (slightly) after Robinhood’s announcement, the five coins that Coinbase is “exploring” also experienced a boost Binance, listing scores of coins? If we knew and had a crystal ball, we’d be profiting off of this on a beach somewhere with all 33 of our Lambos in the valet lot.

Featured Article

Blockchain: The Phone?

Move over, Lambos. The new gadget of choice for crypto fiends may be blockchain smartphones? Yes, HTC, the makers of Android phones, are making the world’s first blockchain-powered smartphones. Other than sounding super buzzwordy, what does that actually mean? Essentially, these phones are literal crypto wallets, unlocking a new way to HODL your coins.

Don’t Lose It!

The phone, also named the HTC Exodus is envisioned to operate as a literal hub for one’s crypto tendencies. Its functionalities are supposed to include the ability to hold your own private keys on the phone itself, making it your “cold storage” device, so to speak. Most importantly of all, the phone supports Cryptokitties, marking the first time a blockchain game is available on mobile.


Of course, there are many concerns here, such as losing the phone itself. If your phone holds the private keys of your (very fat) crypto wallet, you will want to make sure you never break or lose it! In general, this is a fascinating development from the hardware side. While the teams at Ledger and Trezor have been producing crypto hardware wallets for quite some time (and we recommend you stock up here), no one as of yet has wed a crypto cold wallet with a smartphone.


Do you want one? Reserve it here! We’ll just tell everyone you’re ordering it because you believe in the disruptive power of blockchain and not because you are buying it to play Cryptokitties. Definitely not that. 

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